GreenSTAMP - Okolju prijazna zelena tehnologija mazanja na osnovi nanoinženiringa za trajnostno visokozmogljivo štancanje

Trajanje projekta

2018 - 2021

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Hidria doo

Projekt GreenSTAMP se osredotoča na zasnovo novejših, okolju prijaznih, visoko-zmogljivih, mejnih-filmov v kontaktih pri štancanju, ki bodo zadostili tako tehnološkim kot tudi naraščajočim in vedno bolj strogim zahtevam zakonodaje po zmanjševanju izpustov toplogrednih plinov. To je ključna zahteva pri štancanju in ostalih visoko-obremenjenih mazanih mehanskih komponentah, saj so že obstoječe evropske in domače regulative postavile ostre zahteve pri uporabi nekaterih najbolj učinkovitih mazalnih aditivov in tako vplivale na delovanje nekaterih najsodobnejših naprav.

In this cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary project, two globally leading groups participate: the academic one, which is a pioneer in many researches on boundary films and boundary lubrication ( Laboratory for Tribology and Surface Nanotechnology; TINT ) and the research and development team from Hidria . which is one of the world's four largest manufacturers of high-quality steel electric laminations for electric motors for the most prominent OEMs in the automotive industry. Hydra, which is one of Europe's leading companies for high-tech sustainable and environmentally friendly technologies, is determined to be the first to introduce newer, advanced, green lubrication into the stamping process, thus meeting strict legislative regulations and achieving improved performance at the same time.

Achieving these ambitious goals requires newer concepts and methodologies in the study of punching contacts and scientific breakthroughs and breakthroughs in process lubrication. The key expected scientific results of the project are as follows;

1) the design of newer, laboratory tribological testing and methodology with detailed evaluation of wear mechanisms that will imitate the actual stamping process, which currently does not exist,

2) a systematic study of different base-fluids, which will reveal the lubrication and viscosity-bearing requirements in stamping, which may have huge implications for future environmentally friendly stamping technology and change the concepts of lubrication in stamping,

3) detailed analysis of the tribochemical and mechanical properties of boundary surface films (<100 nm thick) from environmentally friendly lubricants at the nano-level, to reveal the mechanisms of their action,

4) determining the individual effects and contributions of several environmentally friendly additives; this will serve as a reference database for new environmentally friendly lubrication concepts,

5) research of new multi-functional additives for the simultaneous achievement of effective tribofilm formation and wettability of steel and coated sheets - relevant for lubrication and cleaning after the end of the process,

6) determination and verification of the efficiency of the new environmentally friendly lubrication technology in a real industrial stamping process, which will be the first globally relevant reference in the establishment of a new practice of environmentally friendly lubrication in stamping.