Influence of surface preparation on roughness parameters, friction and wear

M. Sedlaček, B. Podgornik, J. Vižintin

Wear 266 (2009) 482–487.


The aim of the present research was to investigate influence of surface preparation on roughness parameters and correlation between roughness parameters and friction and wear. First the correlation between different surface preparation techniques and roughness parameters was investigated. For this purpose 100Cr6 steel plate samples were prepared in terms of different average surface roughness, using different grades of grinding, polishing, turning and milling. Different surface preparation techniques resulted in different Ra values from 0.02 to 7 m. After this, correlation between surfaceroughness parameters and friction and wear was investigated. For this reason dry and lubricated pin-on-disc tests, using different contact conditions, were carried out, where Al2O3 ball was used as counter-body. It was observed that parameters Rku, Rsk, Rpk and Rvk tend to have influence on coefficient of friction.


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