Tribological properties of DLC coatings and comparison with test results : development of a database

M. Sedlaček, B. Podgornik, J. Vižintin

Materials Characterization 59 (2008) 151–161.


Due to their good wear resistance and low friction coefficient diamond-like carbon (DLC) coatings have been studied intensively for many years and a great deal of research has been carried out in the field of tribology. To facilitate an overview and comparison of the research results, a database containing information on the mechanical and tribological properties of coatings and base materials as well as the test conditions has been designed. The database is constructed in such a way that new data can be added easily. Practicability of the database has been checked on pin-on-disc contact tests using different contact conditions. The main purpose in building the database has been to examine the scientific and the practical value of the numerous research results on DLC coatings and to find out to what extent these data arecomparable with one another. The analysis of the database has showed that it enables a fast search and comparison between different research results.

Keywords: tribology, baze podatkov, obraba, database, tribologija, trenje, DLC prevleke, friction, DLC coatings, wear


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