Lubricating properties of rapeseed oils compared to mineral oils under a high load oscillating movement

J. Vižintin, A. Arnšek, A. Ploj

Journal of Synthetic Lubrication 17 (2000) 201–217.


The use of rapeseed-based lubricating oils has become more widespread in recent years. When these oils have been tested for their tribological properties, some imperfections have been found, especially in conditions of high-frequency and low-amplitude oscillating movements. In the present work, we compare the tribological properties of commercially available rapeseed- and mineral-based oils, rapeseed and mineral base oils, and these base oils mixed with two additives for improving lubricity. The results are compared for a wide range of contact pressures.

Keywords: rapeseed, mineral, lubrication, high load, oscillating, additives

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