Tribology of solid-lubricated liquid carbon dioxide assisted machining

F. Pušavec, L. Sterle, M. Kalin, D. Mallipeddi, P. Krajnik

CIRP annals. 2020, vol. 69, iss. 1, str. 1-4


An investigation is made into the lubrication capabilities of solid-lubricated liquid carbon dioxide (LCO2) in comparison to flood lubrication, straight LCO2 and oil-lubricated LCO2 (MQL). The coefficient of friction is determined via tribological experiments, similar to machining, using an open tribometer which features an uncoated carbide insert sliding against a workpiece. Tribological experiments reveal superior performance of solid-lubricated LCO2. The milling experiments as well indicate that solid-lubricated LCO2 significantly reduces wear. The machined-surface topography is examined using high-magnification SEM, which shows no presence of adhered solid particles on the workpiece surface, providing a completely dry machining process.


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