Tribological performance of a UHMWPE-based multiscale composite under different lubrication and loads

H. S. Vadivel, J. Somberg, M. Kalin, N. Emami

Lubrication Science 34 (2022) 480‐492


An UHMWPE-based multiscale composite containing graphene oxide, nanodiamonds, and short carbon fibres has shown excellent performance under distilled water lubrication. However, it is crucial to evaluate its tribological performance under conditions which more accurately represent the final application. In this study, the tribological performance of the developed UHMWPE-based multiscale composite is evaluated and compared with neat UHMWPE under different lubricating conditions: no lubricant (dry), in seawater (SW) and in an environmentally acceptable lubricant (EAL). While neat UHMWPE displays a lower friction and wear in dry conditions, the multiscale composite performs better under SW and EAL lubrication. A maximum reduction in friction coefficient of 77% and specific wear rate of 88% are obtained in SW. Under EAL lubricated conditions, the multiscale composite has a maximum reduction in specific wear rate of up to 75%.

Keywords: lubrication, multiscale, transfer, UHMWPE


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