Comparison of graphene as an oil additive with conventional automotive additives for the lubrication of steel and DLC-coated surfaces

J. Kogovšek, M. Kalin

Tribology International 180 (2023) 108220 1-11


The present work is focused on comparing the tribological behaviour of graphene platelets and commercially available automotive additive package, combined with glyceryl isostearate (GIS) as a friction modifier. The investigation was performed with steel/steel and DLC/DLC contacts, at 25 °C and 100 °C, in all lubrication regimes and by considering the running-in effect. Under all the investigated conditions the graphene platelets provided the lowest friction in the ML and BL regimes. This is the result of forming graphene-based tribofilms which, unlike for the other tested lubricants, is relatively insensitive to temperature, tribochemical activation and the conditions before or after the running-in. By combined the use of graphene platelets and conventional additives some interactions in their tribological behaviour were also observed.

Keywords: graphene, DLC, lubricant additive, formulated oil


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