Engineering design (RDP - FMP)

The course is held at the Faculty of mathematics and physics (FMP).

Year & Semester

1.Year - winter semester

Course Points


Contact Information

doc. dr. Marko Polajnar

Course Overview

Course scope:

  1. Basics of technical drawing: engineering drawing, types of drawings, drawing tools, drawing formats, folding, criteria, lines, technical writing.
  2. Drawing: spatial projections, views, fill capabilities, cross-sections, folds, invisible edges, details.
  3. Listing: length, diameter, radius, angles, curves, slope, taper, narrowing, hole, groove, classification such as parallel and serial listing.
  4. Labelling quality surfaces: Micro-and macrogeometrical tolerances, surface profiles, definitions, quality of surfaces.
  5. Tolerances and fittings: deviations, design, shapes, locations and systems tolerances, the size of the tolerance field, the position of tolerance field, the choice of fittings, use of fittings in practice, record deviations and tolerances.