Partners & Links

  • Partners in Slovenia and abroad

    At development and research work we collaborate with numerous domestic and foreign partners. In Slovenia we are active in projects of public and private institutions.

  • Chair for Tribology and Maintenance Systems

    Chair for Tribology and Maintenance Systems, headed by prof. Kalin, consists of two laboratories and acts in the fields of tribology, surface and contact engineering, interface nanotechnology, maintenance of technical systems, technical diagnostics, mechanical power transmissions and power-control hydraulics.

  • Laboratory for power-control hydraulics (LPKH)

    Laboratory for power-control hydraulics was established over 20 years ago. Our work is in field of oil hydraulics (development and measurements), water hydraulics (use of tap water as fluid for power-control hydraulics), planning of complex hydraulics systems, control of complex hydraulics systems, detection and error elimination and in research and development of hydraulics components and systems.

  • Slovenian Society for Tribology

    Slovenian Society for Tribology was founded in 1994. Society is a voluntary, independent and unprofitable association of different experts from different fields of tribology.