We offer consulting in the areas of:

  • The causes and prevention of damage to mechanical systems.
  • Causes and reduction of wear on the engineering surfaces.
  • Fatigue and delamination.
  • Causes and minimize energy losses due to friction.
  • Concepts for the control of friction (higher or lower) in mechanical systems.
  • Selection of materials, coatings, surface treatments, topography, lubricants and lubrication for tribological effective systems and contacts in lubricated or dry operating conditions.
  • Design and optimization solutions for tribological efficient mechanical systems.
  • Selection of solid and liquid lubricants, greases and additives suitable for various applications.
  • Evaluation of lubrication quality and possible solutions to problems from field of lubrication and lubricants.
  • Sub-surface residual stresses.
  • Application and optimization of protective coatings and chemo-thermal treatments on the surface to achieve effective tribological properties.
  • Adsorption and wetting of the solid-liquid interfaces.
  • Integrated contact engineering at the macro-and nano-scale.