• GreenTRIBOS 3rd Network Wide Event

    The 3rd Network Wide Event (NWE) was organized by University of Coimbra, between 11th–15th of October 2021. It was held in person and attended also by some of the members of Laboratory TINT.

  • New 3D digital microscope

    With an additional nano confocal profilometer for non-destructive characterisation.

  • Latest PhD defenses

    Hari Shankar Vadivel defended his PhD thesis within the Laboratory for Tribology and Interface Nanotechnology in June 2021.

  • Wear of materials - WOM 2021 conference

    Laboratory TINT presented a submission titled »Effects of slide-to-roll ratio and temperature on the tribological behaviour in polymer-steel contacts and a comparison with the performance of real-scale gears« by S. Matkovič and M. Kalin.

  • New test rig for real contact area

    A custom built test rig for real contact area determination in contacts with relative motion using an optical method.

  • GreenTRIBOS 2nd Network Wide Event

    The 2nd Network Wide Event (NWE) was organized by University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Ljubljana. Due to restrictions related to Covid19 situation, the organizers decided to follow good practice from the 1st NWE and organized it with help of online tools, 15th–26th of February 2021.