Laboratory TINT will participate in a new project within the M-ERA.NET: BiLaTex

date: 31.03.2023

The resulting implant biomaterial will reduce the number of removal and replacement surgeries in the future.

A visible effect of society’s ageing is the reported increase in the necessity of orthopaedic implants, boosting to a huge economical market. For a successful integration of any implant, bone regeneration, osseointegration at the bone and implant interface, as well as mitigating inflammatory events are crucial aspects. The BiLaTex - New Generation Of Bioactive Laser Textured Ti/HAP Implants project aims at extending the biocompatibility and tribo-mechanical performance associated with the lifetime of surgical implants based on Titanium (Ti). The hypothesis states combining Ti alloy with hydroxyapatite (HAP) and medically active components (drug delivery function) will enable obtaining an excellent biomaterial, which will support bone growth and eliminate the problem of loosening of the implant by its integration with bone. The project goes beyond the state-of-the-art by laser surface treatment, opening the underlying porosity to improve the cell transport and cell growth.