Construction elements (PAP - FMP)

The course is held at the Faculty of mathematics and physics (FMP).

Year & Semester

1.Year - winter semester

Course Points


Contact Information

doc. dr. Marko Polajnar

Course Overview

Course scope:

  1. Basics of technical drawing: engineering drawing, types of drawings, drawing tools, drawing formats, folding, criteria, lines, technical writing.
  2. Drawing: spatial projections, views, fill capabilities, cross-sections, folds, invisible edges, details.
  3. Listing: length, diameter, radius, angles, curves, slope, taper, narrowing, hole, groove, parallel and serial dimensions.
  4. Labelling quality surfaces: micro-and macrogeometrical tolerances, surface profiles, definitions, surface quality.
  5. Tolerances and fittings: deviations, tolerance shape, design and location, fittings, fitting systems, size of the tolerance field, the position of tolerance field, the choice of fittings, use of fittings in practice, writing of deviations and tolerances.
  6. Machine elements (drawing, type, labeling, standards): threaded fasteners, nuts, screw connection, washers, wedges, dowels, T-slot shaft, bolts, cotter pins, rivets, gears, gear pairs, sliding bearings, rolling bearings .