Aircraft maintenance (PAP)

Year & Semester

3.Year - winter semester

Course Points


Contact Information

doc. dr. Marko Polajnar

Course Overview

The scope, status and objectives of aircraft maintenance. Aircraft inspection systems (as. preventive, condition base). General. Small aircraft. Large aircraft. Pre-flight inspection. Special inspection. 100 hours and annual inspection. Airframe inspection. Diagnostic methods for condition based maintenance. Aircraft maintenance process (labelling and management). Aeronautical publications: specifications for new aircraft, type certificate, supplemental type certificate, aircraft, engine and propeller specifications, Advisory Circular (AC), Service Difficulty Reporting program (SDR), Airworthiness Directives (AD), manufacturers service instructions, service bulletin and alert service bulletin, instruction for continued airworthiness. Other: managing and classification of technical publications. Standard aircraft parts: general, aircraft standards, bolts, nuts, washers, non-threaded fasteners (various rivets), special load fasteners and others (pins, cables, turnbuckles, cable fittings). Aircraft structure repair: general, structure classification (loaded, no-loaded), fault classification, and general rules and cases.

The course will be held in this form until 2023, then it will continue within the scope of the updated study programme.


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