Maintenance Technologies (PAP)

Year & Semester

3.Year - winter semester

Course Points


Contact Information

doc. dr. Marko Polajnar

Course Overview

Course scope:

  1. The role and significance of maintenance in small, medium-sized and large companies.
  2. Attending and evaluating the maintenance costs during the whole life time of the device or machine. The aim and the goals of maintenance.
  3. The advantages and disadvantages of particular maintenance technologies: maintenance after damage occurrence,preventive or time related maintenance,predictive or condition based maintenance, proactive maintenance.
  4. Techniques of preventive maintenance: vibration analysis,signals recording and processing,damage diagnostics using vibration analysis,measures for minimizing the damages caused by vibrations,techniques for analysing the contaminant particles in oil,other techniques used at predictive maintenance.
  5. The significance of application of the on-line and off-line techniques for the maintenance process.
  6. The reliability of measured data and methods for prediction the propagation of initial damage.

The course will be held in current form up until 2023, then it will be held according to the updated study programme.