Contact Mechanics (TRIBOS+)

Year & Semester

1.Year - summer semester

Course Points


Contact Information

prof. dr. Mitjan Kalin

Course Overview

The course is held within the scope of the joint European Masters programme TRIBOS. Its goal is to acquaint the students with the fundamentals of the study of the contact between two elastic or plastic bodies in relative motion, the distribution of force, temperature and contact stresses both on and under the surface; for the case of one-way and reciprocal sliding, and for rolling. Furthermore, the students learn about the effects of friction and thermoelastic study of contacts, including the determination of critical points for the formation of damages, as well as about the process of improvement of tribological properties of contact surfaces using suitable contact surface finishing techniques, focused on the preparation of substrate for the deposition of surface layers, the properties of surface layers, the layered surface mechanics, the selection of contact surface finishing process, as well as some practical applications of contact mechanics in mechanical engineering.


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