Tribology (RDP)

Year & Semester

3.Year - summer semester

Course Points


Contact Information

doc. dr. Marko Polajnar

Course Overview

The course describes the importance of load-bearing tribological contacts for power transmission in systems and the key properties of surfaces that influence friction and wear. We explain the basic types of lubricants and the quality of lubrication, which may be evaluated through the system's position on the Stribeck curve. In this regard, we explain the role and the basic types of additives in lubricants, as well as the basic characteristics of individual lubrication types. Main sources of friction and their influencing factors are studied. This is followed by the most common wear mechanisms and their characteristics. The last part of the course deals with the methods for surface analyses, tribological studies and basic principles of testing. The consequences of friction, wear and various aspects of lubricants and lubrication are summarized; their role in damage to machine elements is explained, together with the possibilities for their detection and tracking.

The course will be held in this form until 2023, then it will continue within the scope of the updated study programme.