International Conference on Tribology: Tribology for the new millennium


11.-12. July 2000


Prof. Jože Vižintin, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ljubljana
Prof. Mitjan Kalin, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ljubljana


Slovenian Society for Tribology



I. Lectures



I. Lectures

1. Trends and directions for tribology research and development considering reliability aspects

J. Vižintin; University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

2. History of tribology - the bridge between the classical antiquity and the 21st century

W.J. Bartz; Technische Akademie Esslingen, Germany

3. Ceramic machining: current achievements and future plans

S. Jahanmir; National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA

4. Current trends in process tribology

K. Dohda, Z. Wang; Gifu University, Japan

5. Development and some tribological aspects of biodegradable lubricants

W. Bohme, P. Kotal, F. Novotny-Farkas; OMV, Austria

6. Production and RD of wear resistant metallic materials in slovenia

F. Vodopivec; Institute of Metals and Technology, Slovenia

7. Types of collaboration between industry and research institutes and their benefits. Experiences and examples at the Flemish institute for technological research - VITO

J. Meneve, J. Krretzschmar; VITO, Belgium

8. Preventive maintenance at ironworks Acroni Jesenice

M. Trstenjak, J. Cerkovnik; SZ Acroni Jesenice, Slovenia, J. Vizintin; University of Ljubljana

9. The importance of laboratory accreditation in the field of lubricant testing

M. Feldin, M. Svoljsak, M. Moder; Petrol d.d., Slovenia

10. Modern trends in gear lubrication - fashion or necessity?

B.-R. Hohn, K. Michaelis; Gear Research Centre, TU Munchen, Germany

11. Opportunities and difficulties concerning the introduction of environmentally friendly lubricants in sheet metal forming

G. Gantar, K. Kuzman; University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

12. Current R&D in engineering ceramics in Slovenia

T. Kosmac; Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia

13. Diamondlike carbon films: recent developments and future needs

A. Erdemir; Argonne National Laboratory, USA

14. Chemical aspects of wear of structural ceramics

S. Novak; Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia

15. Abrasion-proof surfaced claddings of edges and plates

R. Kejzar; University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

16. Automotive lubricants for the future

V. Keppens; TEXACO Technology Gent, Belgium

17. Influence of a load carrying layer between a soft and compliant substrate and a thin brittle coating

O. Wanstrand, S. Hogmark; Uppsala University, Sweden

18. Thermal and mechanical effects in tribochemical wear

M. Kalin; University of Ljubljana, Slovenia


I. Main sponsors

  • Republic of Slovenia - Ministry of Science and Technology
  • PETROL d.d, Ljubljana

II. Co-sponsor

  • BAYER PHARMA d.o.o., Ljubljana
  • HAUPTMAN d.o.o., Poljcane
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