International Conference on Tribology

Gozd Martuljek

18.-19. November 1998


Prof. Jože Vižintin, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ljubljana
Janez Bedenk, Petrol, Ljubljana


Slovenian Society for Tribology



I. Plenary Sessions

II. Lubricants and Lubrication

III. Testing

IV. Materials

V. Condition Monitoring



I. Plenary Sessions

1. Lubricants activities in Europe

J. Vižintin; University of Ljubljana

2. Ecological versus performance aspects of coolants-European trends

W.J. Bartz; TAE, Germany

II. Lubricants and Lubrication

1. Shear stability of polymers field trial and laboratory test method correlation; Invited lecture

E.A. Ireland; Shell Additives Int. Ltd., UK

2. The monitoring of engine oil in heavy machinery to estimate the possibility of establishment the extended drain interval - par 1: Operational protocol and test methods

M. Svoljsak, B. Klofutar, M. Feldin, J. Bedenk, B. Jager; Petrol d.d., Ljubljana

3. The monitoring of engine oil in heavy machinery to estimate the possibility of establishment the extended drain interval - par 2: Results and conclusions

B. Klofutar, M. Svoljsak, M. Feldin, J. Bedenk, B. Jager; Petrol d.d., Ljubljana

4. Load carrying capacity properties of fast biodegradable gear lubricants; Invited lecture

B.-R. Hohn, K. Michaelis, R. Dobereiner; Gear Research Centre, TU Munchen, Germany

5. Environmentally acceptable hydraulic fluids on the basis of rapeseed oil - the properties of Biolub 46

R. Sraj; Kladivar Žiri d.d., J. Vizintin; Univerza v Ljubljani, M. Svoljsak; Petrol d.d., Ljubljana

6. Rapeseed-based lubricating oils as a gear lubricants

A. Arnšek; Petrol d.d., Ljubljana, J. Vižintin; Univerza v Ljubljani

7. Biodegradability of water-resistant greases

L. Ulm, J. Vrzina, V. Schiesl; Institute of public health, Dep. of Ecology, Zagreb, Croatia, M. Sateva; Ivasim, Ivanic Grad, Croatia

8. The effect of base oil on the engine oil performance; Invited lecture

M. Orsic; INA d.d., Zagreb, Croatia

9. Impact of the new requirements at low temperature included in SAE J300 and ILSAC GF-2 on european engine oil formulations

F. Camera, RohMax Aditives, Milano, Italy, C.D. Neveau; RohMax France, Paris, France

10. New scuffing test for API GL4 and GL5 automotive gear lubricants on the standard FZG gear test rig

B.R. Hohn, K. Michaelis, Gear Research Centre, TU Munchen, Germany

11. Friction in hydraulic spool sliding valves

J. Pezdirnik, J. Vižintin; University of Ljubljana

III. Testing

1. The role of reference materials and interlaboratory comparisons in quality assurance of lubricant testing; Invited lecture

M. Feldin, A. Kocjancic, M. Svoljsak, M. Moder; Petrol d.d., Ljubljana

2. Rolling contact fatigue device CTD-ROL1

M. Kalin, J. Vižintin; University of Ljubljana

3. Tool wear - new testing equipment and physical modelling

M. Tercelj, B. Turk; University of Ljubljana

IV. Materials

1. Simulation of surface fatigue crack propagation on gear teeth flanks; Invited lecture

S. Glodez; University of Maribor

2. Surface layer influence on the crack propagation

S. Pehan; University of Maribor

3. Sliding wear properties of plasma nitrided 42CrMo4 steel

B. Podgornik, J. Vižintin; Univerza v Ljubljani, V. Leskovšek; IMT, Ljubljana

4. Calculation of contact interaction parameters of hermetizing instalations' fricting pairs

A.I. Burya; The Agrarian State University, Ukraine, I.I. Nachovny, S.A. Chernetsky, A.I. Dudka; The Ukraine State Chemical-Technology University, Ukraine

V. Condition Monitoring

1. Cleanliness level of fresh hydraulic oils; Invited lecture

M. Kambic, B. Kus, L. Vidmar; Olma d.d., Ljubljana

2. The use of vibration analysis in machinery maintenance

M. Trstenjak; Acroni, Jesenice, J. Vizintin, B. Sovic; University of Ljubljana

3. The comparison of the response of real and simulated pitting failure on gears

B. Sovic, J. Vizintin; University of Ljubljana


I. Main sponsors

  • PETROL d.d, Ljubljana
  • Ministry of Science and Technology

II. Co-sponsor

  • MAPETROL d.o.o., Maribor
  • OLMA d.d., Ljubljana
  • OMV ISTRABENZ d.d., Koper
  • HAUPTMAN d.o.o., Poljcane
  • CASTROL Slovenija d.o.o., Ljubljana