International Conference on Tribology: Conference on Tribology, Lubrication and Green technologies

Portorož, Slovenia

7th of June 2022

The 14th SLOTRIB 2022 conference was held along with the 13th Industrial forum of innovation, development and technology IRT 2022 for the first time. The conference took place in Hotel Slovenija in Portorož.

The conference included various topics related to tribology, lubrication, nanotechnology, failures and maintenance of machine elements and systems, in particular:

  • Lubricants, coolants and fuels
  • Green mobility and electro-mobility
  • Tribological properties of novel materials
  • Tribo-electrical contacts
  • Nano-tribology & Mirco-tribology
  • Wear and failures of machine elements & maintenance
  • Additive manufacturing and 3D print

The full conference programme is available here.

- OLMA d.d.
- Petrol d.d.
- Hennlich d.o.o.
- Anton Paar d.o.o.
- PBB d.o.o.