PhDs in year 2014

date: 06.01.2015

In the year 2014, a PhD thesis defence took place within Laboratory of Tribology and interface nanotechnology.

Dr. Jure Jerina: Tribological properties of hard coatings at elevated temperatures

This PhD thesis discusses contact engineering of tool surfaces used in metal-forming processes of aluminium and its alloys in a temperature range from 20 °C to 500 °C. Tribological properties of a sliding contact with an aluminium alloy EN AW-6060 were evaluated for two hard coatings CrN and TiAlN, and for conventional hot-work tool steel. For this purpose, a tribological test rig was developed. With advanced analysing techniques, we showed that hard coatings can reduce coefficient of friction; furthermore, resistance of surfaces to aluminium transfer can be enhanced. We also investigated and determined the mechanisms behind the aluminium alloy transfer on the surfaces in relation to temperatures and sliding distances, as well as analysed the effect of solid lubricants on the tribological contact of hard coatings and aluminium alloys.