NEW! Scanning Electron Microscope JEOL JSM IT100 with low and high vacuum mode

date: 06.04.2016

Our Laboratory replaced old scanning electron microscope (SEM) with a brand new JEOL JSM IT100.

Techniques (LV, HV, SED, BSED, EDS, etc.), which are available with the new SEM, allow us to perform surface analyses on samples made of various materials at magnifications between 5x and 300.000x.

New scanning electron microscope JEOL JSM IT100 is suitable for performing surface analysis on samples in low or high vacuum mode. While the high vacuum mode is adopted when analysing clean samples at the magnifications up to 300.000x, low vacuum mode enables us to perform analysis on samples where traces of lubricants, wear debris and other impurities are present. Moreover, with the new SEM we can perform qualitative and quantitative analyses of chemical elements present on and in the sample’s surface. Therefore, chemical composition of bulk material, wear mechanisms, presence of additives in lubricants, etc. can be specified.