New device for measurement of ultra-thin lubricating film

date: 28.08.2020

Device for measurement of ultra-thin lubricating film and friction in elasto-hydrodynamic contact

We have recently purchased a computer controlled and fully automated measurement instrument for the measurement of friction and 3D distribution of the lubricating film in elasto-hydrodynamic contact (EHD) from producer PCS Instruments. This device in addition to measurement of friction enables also measurement of lubricant film thickness in elasto-hydrodynamic contact in the range from 1 nm up to 1 µm with high precision. In this way also pressure-viscosity coefficient of lubricant that is one of the key lubricant parameters in EHD contact can be determined. The contact pressures and shear rates in this contact are similar to those found in gears, rolling element bearings and cams.

Applications of this device include:

  • Evaluation of film forming and frictional properties of oils and greases
  • Fuel economy prediction of candidate crankcase oils
  • Performance prediction of rolling fluid emulsions
  • Fundamental investigations of the high pressure/high shear behaviour of fluids such as liquid crystals
  • Investigation of boundary additive performance