Webinar Friction and Wear of Ceramics: Principles and Case Studies 2021

date: 15.02.2021

Lectures will be given by Prof. B. Basu (India) on 16th and 17th of February.

Laboratory for Tribology and Interface Nanotechnology will host a webinar titled "Friction and Wear of Ceramics: Principles and Case studies 2021" given by Prof. Bikramjit Basu, from Materials Research Center, Indian Institute of Science Bangalore, India, for TRIBOS+ students and other interested researchers. 


16th of February 2021 at 10 am

Lecture 1: Ceramics and Tribology

  • Introduction
  • Processing of Bulk Ceramics and Coatings
  • Conventional and Advanced Machining Processes

Lecture 2: Mechanical Properties of Ceramics

  • Mechanical properties of ceramics
  • Contact surface characteristics

17th February 2021 10 am

Lecture 3: Fundamentals of Tribology

  • Friction and Interface Temperature
  • Wear of ceramics and lubrication

Lecture 4: Case studies and Future Scope

  • Sliding wear of Ceramics
  • Thermo-erosive behavior of ZrB2-SiC composites
  • Perspective