Wear of materials - WOM 2021 conference

date: 11.05.2021

Laboratory TINT presented a submission titled »Effects of slide-to-roll ratio and temperature on the tribological behaviour in polymer-steel contacts and a comparison with the performance of real-scale gears« by S. Matkovič and M. Kalin.

The 23rd international conference on wear of materials (WOM) was held between 26th and 29th of April 2021. The emphasis of the conference was on the understanding of tribological phenomena and recent scientific progress. Conference submissions were organised into sections covering the problematic of tool and tool material wear, erosion, abrasive wear, wear control, textured surfaces, airplane industry wear, polymer wear, wear simulations etc.

The presentation was well received and the conference facilitated the interaction of researchers and engineers from different fields, as well as an exchange of knowledge and opinions. The 5th International Conference on Biotribology was held alongside WOM, which covered the topic of scientific progress in tribological materials used in biological systems.