GreenTRIBOS 5th Network Wide Event

date: 21.10.2022

The Network Wide Event (NWE) of the GreenTRIBOS joint doctorate programme on Green Tribology for Sustainable Engineering was held in Lyon (France) from 10 to 13 October 2022 in collaboration with Total Energies, which hosted the first part of the event - the Industrial Days.

During the Industrial Days, early-stage researchers (ESRs) presented their research to company staff, which was followed by a joint discussion. On the other hand, the Total Energies company presented its directions and challenges that electromobility poses for the development of lubricants and offered the researchers various transferable skills in lectures and workshops. An important part of the Industrial Days was also a visit to the company's laboratories and joint workshops, where researchers and company staff explored ways in which the project's research results can contribute to the successful implementation of these solutions in industrial practice. In the second part of the NWE, the researchers presented the scientific progress of their projects and current results, as well as the plan for publishing and promoting their results by the end of the project. Each presentation was followed by a discussion involving both mentors and other researchers who provided constructive comments on the content presented. All ESRs are successfully progressing their projects and have attended various conferences around the world over the last six months to present their results with a wider scientific audience.