prof. dr. Mitjan Kalin


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Short biography

In just over two decades Dr. Kalin has established himself as a distinguished scientist in wear and friction mechanisms of advanced materials, green lubrication technologies and nanoscale interface phenomena. In particular, he is recognised in academia and industry as a pioneer in boundary lubrication and tribochemistry of diamond-like carbon (DLC) coatings. He also contributed new insights in the effect of surface charge and pH in water lubrication of ceramics and developed a new spreading-wetting model for oil-lubricated contacts, as well as introduced the mechanism for oil-molecular slip on low polar-surface-energy interfaces, which in EHL contacts reduced the friction even by a half. Over the years dr. Kalin became one of leaders in green tribology by introducing several new green contact systems and concepts, in particular combined with the DLC coatings. Moreover, he coordinates an European platform for green tribology »Tribos« that is nowadays recognised globally to comprise of unique two-year master-degree program in tribology (Tribos+), a doctoral research and training in green tribology (Green Tribos) and a post-doc program in green mobility (Mobility-GT), which is a unique contribution to the young generation of new leaders in tribology on a global scale. Dr. Kalin’s research was realised through leading more than 40 large projects (3-year or longer), mostly obtained in international competitive area. Dr. Kalin has given 65 invited lectures in all the most recognised tribological conferences worldwide, of which 16 were keynote and plenary. He has published about 200 scientific articles and has over 5000 citations with an h-index of 39. He also led over 150 industrial projects, including several major global corporations and many Slovenian industries. He holds 13 patents, including USA and EU patnets.  All these contributions were the reason for his several awards, like prestigious ASME Burt L. Newkirk Award, Slovenian state award Zois Prize for early scientific achievements and the highest Slovenia state scientific recognition for outstanding achievements the Zois Award, Fellow of STLE, top 10 scientific achievements of University of Ljubljana in a specific year, and Golden plaque of University of Ljubljana, the highest honour for an active member of the University of Ljubljana. His international reputation as a leading tribologist led him to the position of the Editor-in-chief of Lubrication Science (2012-), one of few journals in tribology with SCI IF, a member of Slovenian Academy of Engineering, a Member of the International Academy of Engineering, and two-times elected deputy-president of the world tribology association International Tribology Council ITC. He was also elected to a 4 years position of a Dean of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at University of Ljubljana after being earlier elected for 4 years as a vice-dean for research and international collaboration and a vice-dean for master and doctoral study.

Bibliography in short

  • 200 international peer-review journal papers, vast majority in leading SCI journals in the field
  • 65 invited lectures at international conferences (of which 16 keynote and plenary)
  • 22 lectures at international corporations and institutes
  • 400 various conference contributions
  • 2 books published by international publisher (Tribology of Ceramics and Composites, a material science perspective, Wiley (2011), Friction and wear of ceramics: principles and case studies, Wiley (2020)
  • 8 scientific book chapters
  • 5 professional & public outreach monograph chapters
  • Editor of 6 books (ASME Press, University of Ljubljana, etc.)
  • Editor of 9 various Professional Books and 4 Conference proceedings
  • 13 student scripta and hand-outs
  • 5000 pure citations (without self-citations)
  • H-index = 39
  • 13 patents
  • More than 150 reports for industry and other customers
  • More than 15 design projects (devices, systems)
  • 40 major projects as project leader of longer, typically 3-years projects (mostly international).


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