doc. dr. Marko Polajnar


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Short biography

Marko Polajnar was born in 1985 in Ljubljana. After graduating from high school in 2004, he enrolled in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Ljubljana and completed the study in 2010 with a thesis entitled Influence of surface energy and wetting on friction coefficient in lubricated contacts under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Mitjan Kalin. For his research work entitled Slippage of lubricant over non-fully wetted surfaces he recieve faculty Prešeren's award. After the graduating he was employed as a researcher at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Ljubljana. In december 2010 he was elected to title an assistant. In the Laboratory for tribology and interface nanotechnology. Within his PhD study under the mentorship of prof. dr. Mitjan Kalin, he continued with investigation of the solid-liquid interactions, slippage of lubricant over solid surface and their influence on lubrication of tribological contacts and in 2015 defend his PhD thesis entitled The effect of lubricant-surface slip on tribological properties of lubricated contacts.

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