MATERA DIWEAR - Wear Resistant Ductile Iron

Project duration

2007 - 2009

Project Category


Contact Information

prof. dr. Mitjan Kalin


  • Technological institute of Iceland IceTec (Iceland)
  • Foundry of Thorgrimur Jonsson (Iceland)
  • Centre de Recherche Public – Gabriel Lippmann (Luxembourg)

The aim is to deepen understanding of the processes involved in local reinforcement and formation of functional gradients in ductile iron composition. The project is expected to result in direct economic benefits to the participating foundry, by opening up new markets.

Ductile iron is used for components in demanding applications. IceTec and Foundry of Thorgrimur Jonsson have demonstrated that ductile iron can be reinforced locally. Microalloying gives a sharp gradient in composition, creating a functionalized surface in strategic locations where the component is heavily loaded. The aim is to develop this method, for the benefit of users of wear resistant materials and foundries in the Nordic countries and Europe. The increased wear resistance is due to microalloying and the material is therefore suitable for recycling in all steel and iron foundries.


  • Obtain a better understanding of the mechanisms of local carbide formation and functional gradients in cast iron. This will strengthen the ability to apply the method to a wider range of components.
  • Identify potential applications in an effort to commercialize the technique and thus improve the competitive edge of foundries in Europe.
  • Global competition from foundries in Asia is increasing. The key to survival of foundries in Europe is increased competitiveness, based on new, innovative techniques in metal casting, which is the general objective of this project.