ROPTIM - Optimization of production technology for rollers from Semi High Speed Steel

Project duration

2007 - 2009

Project Category


Contact Information

prof. dr. Mitjan Kalin


  • Valji Group (Slovenia)
  • AC2T Austrian Center of Competence for Tribology GmbH(Austria)

Aim of the project is to determine the influence of different production parameters on SHSS roller residual stress level and distribution, to define methodology for residual stress level determination with respect to external load and to optimize SHSS rollers production technology.

The company VALJI Štore is preparing a new series of rollers for hot rolling, made of cast roller iron SHSS (Semi High Speed ​​Steel), manufactured by a two-phase casting technology. For a proper optimization of manufacturing technology of rollers from SHSS cast steel it is necessary to know the value and distribution of residual stresses in the roller after each manufacturing operation, as well as the influence of individual manufacturing parameters.