TriboADAM - Tribological surface design with advanced metal additive manufacturing

Project duration

2020 - 2023

Project Category


Contact Information

prof. dr. Mitjan Kalin



The project focuses on systematic and comprehensive analysis of the effects of AM (additive manufacturing) technologies on standardisation, surface quality, tribological behaviour and industrial use.

Since almost every engineering component is in contact in the application phase, friction becomes important and the need to achieve optimal tribological surfaces is crucial. The objectives of this project include material and metrological analysis of the effects of AM parameters on surface integrity, mechanical and physicochemical properties of surfaces, and microstructure of components; a thorough understanding of tribological behavior on a nano-micro scale; an industrially relevant set of surface standardization data relating to AM parameters; and design of predictable tribological contact surfaces corresponding to the required friction, wear, lubrication and durability functionalities. Only by knowing the critical limits within which AM can be controlled will we be able to adjust surfaces to respond best to tribological function, such as lubrication options that meet performance requirements. TriboADAM is an industry-supported project, namely SiEVA. SiEVA and TINT are planning an interdisciplinary research program that will not only lead to the achievement of technical goals, but will also have a societal impact with benefits in terms of reducing pollution and saving energy and resources.