Finite element analysis of textured surfaces under reciprocating sliding

M. Rodríguez Ripoll, B. Podgornik, J. Vižintin

Wear 271 (2011) 952-959.


Texturing of functional surfaces for engineering applications has steadily gamed attraction in the last years as a technique for reducing friction. However, there is little knowledge of the contact behaviour of such surfaces. This paper analyses the loading behaviour of textured surfaces using the finite element method. The influence of texture on friction during reciprocating sliding is studied for different groove morphologies and loading conditions. Plastic deformation after 20 sliding cycles is evaluated in order to estimate the risk of failure of textured surfaces. The results are compared with simulations using uniextured surfaces and are validated with available experimental data from the literature.


Keywords: surface texturing, finite element modelling, contact mechanics, sliding friction

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