Influence of texturing parameters and contact conditions on tribological behaviour of laser textured surfaces

L.M. Vilhena, B. Podgornik, J. Vižintin, J. Možina

Meccanica 46 (2011) 567-575.


Introducing specific textures on a tribological surface can contribute to friction reduction in sliding contacts. Well defined micro-dimples can act as lubricant reservoirs capable of feeding lubricant directly into the contact and initiating micro elastohydrodynamic lubrication, as well as traps for wearde bris. A lot of experimental work has been already carried out, but it is mostly based on trial and error approach when defining optimum textures for a given application. A comparison was made between the performance of a reference non-textured surface and laser surface texturing (LST) discs with three different dimple depths. It was found that tribological behaviour depends on the depth of the micro-dimples as well as on the dominant lubrication mode (operating conditions). The beneficial effect of micro-dimples becomes larger with an increase in dimple depth as well as for higher sliding speeds.

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Keywords: contact conditions, laser surface texturing, pin-on-discs, fricition, trenje, lasersko teksturiranje, stik površin

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