Influence of deep-cryogenic treatment on tribological properties of P/M high-speed steel

B. Podgornik, V. Leskovšek, J. Vižintin

Materials and manufacturing processes 24 (2009) 734–738.


The aim of the present work was to investigate the influence of deep-cryogenic treatment parameters (treatment time and temperature) on the tribological performance of powder-metallurgy (P/M) high-speed steel. Special emphasis was put on abrasive wear resistance and resistance to galling under dry sliding conditions. Results were evaluated in terms of high-speed steel wear volume, coefficient of friction under recirpocating sliding, friction variation with load, critical load for galling initation, and stainless steel transfer layer formation. Tribological tests indicate the deep-cryogenic treatment contributes to improved abrasive wear resistance and better galling properties of P/M high-speed steel. However, austenizing temperature is a very important parameter, which defines the lever of possible improvement.

Keywords: austenizing temperature, deep-cryogenic treatment, friction, galling, hardness, high-speed steel, load-scanner, material transfer, microstructure, pin-disc, P/M steel, roughness, soaking time, tribology, wear

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