The effect of temperature on the tribological mechanisms and reactivity of hydrogenerated, amorphous diamond-like carbon coatings under oil-lubricated conditions

M. Kalin, E. Roman, J. Vižintin

Thin Solid Films 515 (2007) 3644–3652.


In this work we present the wear and friction behaviour of boundary-lubricated, hydrogenated, amorphous, diamond-like carbon coatings (a-C:H), in self-mated a-C:H/a-C:H contacts, at three different testing temperaturesČ 20, 80, 150 °C. We present results from Auger electron spectroscopy, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and Raman analyses relating to the chemical and structural changes in the diamond-like carbon coatings duringsliding in the presence of mineral oil, with and without additives. We show, that chemical reactions between the a-C:H coatings and the oil additivestake place, which are dependent on the temperature, on the presence of additives and the type of additives used. At high temperatures the extreme pressure additive interacts with the diamond-like carbon surface and forms a tribochemical layer with a four-times lower sulphuržphosphorous ratio than theadditive formulation. In the absence of additives, however, graphitisation of the coating occurs under these conditions, which results in high-wear and low-friction behaviour. Another result from this study is that a-C:H coatings can oxidise during room-temperature experiments, suggesting that some interactions and adsorptions are also possible at lower temperatures.


Keywords: tribologija, DLC, pogoji mazanja, olja, aditivi, temperature, trenje, obraba, DLC, oil, additive, temperature, friction, wear, reactivity

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