Combination of DLC coatings and EP additives for improved tribological behaviour of boundary lubricated surfaces

B. Podgornik, D. Hren, J. Vižintin, S. Jacobson, N. Stavlid, S. Hogmark

Wear 261 (2006) 32–40.


The aim of the present investigation was to obtain some further understanding of the mechanism responsible for low-friction behaviour of W-containing DLC coatings (W-DLC) when lubricated with EP additivated oil. Boundary lubricated wear and friction tests were performed under reciprocating sliding motion using a high frequency test rig and a contact pressure of 1.5 GPa. Additionally, some of the tests were performed in a load-scanning reciprocating test rig, with the contact pressure being in the range from 2.4 to 5.6 GPa. The influence of concentration of a sulphur-based EP additive on the friction behaviour was investigated. This investigation showed that W-DLC coatings greatly improve the tribological properties of boundary-lubricated surfaces, especially when pairing coated and uncoated steel surfaces. The improved tribological behaviour was found to be governed by the gradual formation of a WS₂ type tribofilm on the steel counter-face or on revealed steel substrate. The friction level depends on the additive concentration.


Keywords: DLC coating, boundary lubrication, friction, EP additive

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