Tribological properties of an environmentally adopted universal tractor transmission oil based on vegetable oil

B. Kržan, J. Vižintin

Tribology International 36 (2003) 827–833.


Universal tractor transmission oil (UTTO) is multipurpose tractor oil formulated for use in transmissions, final drives, wet brakes and hydraulic systems of tractors employing a common oil reservoir. In the present work, the results of a series of tests performed to evaluate vegetable based oils a represented. Tribological properties of formulated rapeseed and high oleic sunflower based UTTO were investigated in the standard and non-standard test procedures and compared with the properties of commercially available synthetic and mineral UTTO. Performances of test oils were demonstrated by using SRV high frequency test device, four-ball test rig, and FZG spur gear test rig. For final tests a laboratory hydraulic system and a spur gear test rig were used.


Keywords: hydraulic fluid, vegetable oil, ferrgraphy, biodegradable oil

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