Lubricating properties of rapeseed-based oils

A. Arnšek, J. Vižintin

Journal of Synthetic Lubrication 16 (2000) 281–296.


Three commercially available hydraulic/transmission lubricants based on rapeseed oil have been investigated for their lubricating properties. The coefficient of friction, scuffing-load capacity, and pitting resistance were evaluated, and the results compared with a corresponding commercial mineral-based oil. The results showed in general a substantially lower coefficient of friction and better pitting resistance for rapeseed-based oils than for the mineral oil. Scuffing load capacity was, with one exception, the same for all oils. As a result of lower shear stresses during contact, and a higher viscosity index, the temperatures in the gearbox were lower for the rapeseed oils tested than for the mineral oil. Insufficient antiwear behaviour at high loads was found to be a major drawback of these vegetable oils.

Keywords: rapeseed, hydraulic, transmission, friction, antiwear, scuffing, pitting, vegetable, gearbox, tests

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