Stable dielectric response of low-loss aromatic polythiourea thin films on Pt/SiO₂ substrate

A. Eršte, L. Fulanović, L. Čoga, M. Lin, Y. Thakur, Q. M. Zhang, V. Bobnar

Journal of Advanced Dielectrics, 6 (2016) 1650003-1-1650003-4


We have investigated dielectric properties of aromatic polythiourea (ArPTU, a polar polymer containing high dipolar moments with very low defect levels) thin films that were developed on Pt/SiO₂ substrate. The detected response is compared to the response of commercially available polymers, such as high density polyethylene (HDPE) and polypropylene (PP), which are at present used in foil capacitors. Stable values of the dielectric constant ε’ ~ 5 (being twice higher than in HDPE and PP) over broad temperature and frequency ranges and dielectric losses as low as in commercial systems suggest ArPTU as a promising candidate for future use in a variety of applications.


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