Erosive wear behavior of spark plasma-sintered SiC–TaC composites

S. K. Sharma, K. Chaudhary, Y. Gupta, M. Kalin, B. V. M. Kumar

International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology 19 (2022) 1691-1701


Spark plasma sintering of SiC-10, 20, or 30 wt% TaC composites was performed at 1800 degrees C. Microstructures of sintered composites revealed uniform dispersion of TaC particles in SiC matrix. With the increase in TaC content, hardness decreased from 25.75 to 23.30 GPa and fracture toughness increased from 3.48 to 3.85 MPa m(1/2). Erosion testing was performed to evaluate the potential of sintered composites at room temperature and 400 degrees C by a stream of SiC particles impinging at different angles (30 degrees, 60 degrees, or 90 degrees). The erosion rate varied from 25 to 166 mm(3)/kg, with change in TaC content, impingement angle, or temperature. The erosion rate increased as the angle of impingement and temperature increased, but reduced when the TaC concentration increased. Worn surfaces revealed that the material was dominantly removed via fracture of SiC grains and TaC particles pull-out. SiC-30 wt% TaC composites exhibited superior erosive wear resistance at low impingement angle and room temperature.


Keywords: erosion, silicon carbide, spark plasma sintering, tantalum carbide

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