Room and high temperature reciprocated sliding wear behavior of SiC-WC composites

S. K. Sharma, B. V. M. Kumar, B. B. Žugelj, M. Kalin, Y.-W. Kim

Ceramics International 43 (2017) 16827-16834


Hot pressed silicon carbide (SiC) composites prepared with 10, 30 or 50 wt% tungsten carbide (WC) were subjected to unlubricated reciprocating sliding wear against SiC balls at 19 N load at room temperature and 500 °C. The coefficient of friction decreased from 0.4 to 0.3 with WC content at room temperature. The wear rate varied from 1.5 × 10−6 mm3/N m to 4.2 × 10−5 mm3/N m with change in temperature or WC content. SiC-WC composites exhibited maximum wear resistance with 50 wt% WC at room temperature and 30 wt% WC at high temperature. Worn surface analysis indicated tribochemistry and microfracture as material removal mechanisms for sliding in ambient conditions, whereas microfracture dominated at 500 °C. Wear results obtained at high temperature are consistent with the lateral fracture model for wear volume estimation.


Keywords: SiC, SiC-WC composites, reciprocated sliding, wear, temperature

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