Applying the angular spectrum representation to calculate the optical force density generated in dielectrics by tightly focused laser beams

B. Anghinoni, L. C. Malacarne, T. Požar, N. G. C. Astrath

International Journal of Modern Physics C 34 (2023) 2350163 1-26


The Angular Spectrum Representation (ASR) is applied to describe semi-analytically the optical force densities acting on linear dielectric media when a quasi-monochromatic tightly focused Gaussian beam is applied. This method is seen to be inherently faster than conventional finite-difference schemes. Numerical simulations of the optical force densities were also performed and found to be in agreement with the literature, providing a complementary tool for the study of opto-mechanical effects in matter.


Keywords: electromagnetic force, focused beams, numerical electrodynamics, angular spectrum representation

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