Synergism between particles of PTFE and hBN to enhance the performance of oils

P. Gangwani, M. K. Gupta, J. Bijwe

Wear 384-385 (2017) 169–177


Solid lubricants (SLs) are known to enhance the tribo-performance of oils significantly. Current work focusses on issue of exploration of combination of SLs in different amounts along with dispersant (Polyisobutylene succinimide −1 wt% const.) for possible synergism. Hexagonal boron nitride (hBN) and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) are known as anti-friction, Anti-wear additives. PTFE is also known as an effective extreme-pressure (EP) additive. A series of oils based on Group III (Gr III) as base oil containing PIBSI (1%) along with increasing amount of hBN (0–4%) and simultaneous decrease in PTFE (4–0%) were prepared.

The tribo-performance of oils was evaluated on 4 ball tester for EP (weld load) and anti-wear performance. Formulations were characterized for physical properties density, viscosity, flash point. Also the stability of oils was observed using Dynamic Light Scattering studies.

Results revealed the inclusion of these two SLs showed better tribo-performance (43% in Weld Load) than with presence of PTFE in oil. The characterization of wear and a possible wear mechanism was given by observing the worn surface under a scanning electron microscope and energy dispersive X-ray analysis.


Keywords: solid lubricants, synergism, wear scar diameter, weld load

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