Terotechnology and maintenance

We deal with stable and predictable state of the process of production, maintenance and control, as well as planning and design of cost-efficient management of machinery through their investment, installation, operation, maintenance and recycling.

Terotechnology is focused on integrated management of material sources. Its purpose is to improve the distribution of working sources, from purchase, usage, maintenance and recycling. Terotechnology represents the technical and economical aspect, providing sufficient background for researching processes of component faults and system breakdown. Besides it uses advanced predicting, monitoring and maintenance scheduling  algorithms.

Terotechnology is an interdisciplinary field, joining mechanical, electrical, diagnostic, signal processing, and maintenance experts. Student gains sufficient knowledge to support maintenance of complex mechanical sysems.

In the foreground are the following topics:

  • Development of methods and procedures with regard to maintenance of technical systems.
  • Identification of priority areas and opportunities for cooperation with industry.
  • Development of courses and content on the Master's degree.

Reference Projects: