Technical diagnostics

Technical diagnostics is used within Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) by monitoring vibro-acoustical and oil features. It includes data acquisition and pre-analysis, fault diagnosis, prediction and actions.

Data acquisition can be off-line, performed at specific time intervals, or on-line, where sensory equipment is used providing data with constant sampling frequency. After data acquisition usually feature extraction is performed and feature vector in formed. The feature vector is than transformed applying different mathematical methods used for fault detection purposes. The results of feature analysis is fault detection, cause identification and fault localization. The future prediction and estimation of the Remaining Useful Time (RUL) enables one to decide about the usefulness of the faulty component, schedule maintenance actions, etc.

Development of maintainance technologies for the situation  with the use of technical diagnostics:

  • Research and development of on-line system for capturing and analysis of covered data.
  • Research and development system for on-line determination of features for the indentification of failure on the most critical moving elements of the rotating machines in the initial state.
  • Research and development of predictive techniques.

Reference Projects: