Eva Oblak and Marko Sedlaček have received awards given by Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

date: 13.01.2014

Eva Oblak received faculty Prešeren Award and Marko Sedlaček received a recognition award for quality publication.

uni-lj-fsOn the traditional New Year’s meeting two of our colleges received awards for their quality and successful research work.

Eva Oblak, young researcher of Laboratory for Tribology and Interface Nanotechnology, received faculty Prešeren Award for her research work in year 2011/2012. Prešeren Award was presented to her for research work entitled: Determination and evaluation of boundary lubrication films on nonconventional materials with atomic force microscope.

Dr. Marko Sedlaček, researcher with PhD. in Laboratory for Tribology and Interface Nanotechnology, received a recognition award of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering for colleges under the age of 35 for quality publications in the previous study year. Recognition was awarded to him for publishing four publications in world renowned journal with SCI index.