Surface properties of lubricants and hard coatings as predictors of frictional behaviour under boundary lubrication

S. Strnad, B. Podgornik, K. Stana-Kleinschek, J. Vižintin

Materials research innovations 10 (2006) 284–298.


The aim of the research was to investigate the surface properties (surface energies and their dispersive and polar components) of different hard carbon coatings in comparion to steel surfaces, and on the other hand, to also investigate the surface free tension of mineral and vegetable base-oils as also the additives` influence on the surface properties of lubricants. The main goal of our research was to discover to what extent the surface properties of each phase in the hard coating/lubricant system could be used for predicting the success of boundary lubrication.

Keywords: površinska kemija, premazi, tanki sloji, maziva, PVD, PECVD, adhezija, kovine, tribologija, surface chemistry, coating, thin films, lubricants, Physical Vapor Deposition, Plasma Enhanced Physical Vapor Deposition, adhesion, metals, tribology

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