Lubricants and lubrication

In a field of lubricants and lubrication we deal with different lubricating systems and an integrated approach for linking contact surfaces and lubricants in a synergistic functioning unit. Our focus is mostly on the boundary lubrication in the most loaded contacts and on the topic of environmentally friendly (green) lubrication technology.

In the foreground are the following topics:

  • Biolubricants, biofuels, classic and synthetic lubricants.
  • Boundary lubrication and formation of nano-tribological lubricating films.
  • Mechanical and tribological properties of boundary lubrication films.
  • Boundary lubrication of non-conventional, inert surfaces, hard coatings and their compatibilities with lubricants and additives.
  • Tribochemical reactions for lower friction and better wear resistant properties of boundary films.
  • Investigation of the possibility of using nanoparticles in tribological applications.
  • Study of nano-structures made ​​of various materials for application as solid lubricants.
  • Surface tension of lubricants and its influence on wetting and friction.
  • Influence of slip at the solid-liquid (lubricant) interface on tribological properties; adsorption models.
  • Solid lubricants and self-lubrication additives in polymer matrices.
  • Green lubrication technologies.
  • Optimizing contacts for water lubrication; influence of surface charge and pH.
  • Research and determination of lubricants, additives and other conditions for optimum functioning of lubricated systems and machine parts.
  • We perform numerous lubricants analyses

Reference Projects: