PolyTrib 2022

date: 20.12.2022

PolyTrib, a conference dedicated to the tribology of polymers between researchers from academia and industry, took place on December 4-5th 2022, for the first time in Stockholm, Sweden.

The 4th of edition of its history marked the beginning of the collaboration between Slovenia and Sweden, so the conference will be held interchangeably between Slovenia and Sweden every two years from now on.

In the program were 36 talks on very diverse topics related to the tribology of polymers: from elastomers to high-performance polymers, from cryogenic to high temperatures in dry and lubricated conditions. Researchers from institutions from 12 different countries presented the newest findings of their work. Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) was also a key topic mentioned in many presentations as important for a sustainable development of science.

TINT was represented by Prof. Mitjan Kalin as the conference co-chair and co-organizer and by four PhD candidates presenting their latest results:

  • Sebastjan Matkovič: “Tribological evaluation of thermosets in lubricated conditions”
  • Petra Jan: “Real contact area evolution of POM in sliding contacts with low sliding speed”
  • Pedro Martins Ferreira: “Lubrication of high-performance polymers with biodegradable esters: effects of temperature and aging”
  • Muhammad Shoaib Naseem Siddiqui: “Influence of load, sliding speed and heat-sink volume on the tribological behavior of polyoxymethylene (POM) sliding against steel”

More information about PolyTrib 2022 can be found here.

The next PolyTrib conference will be held in 2024 in Slovenia.